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 How This Forum Works

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PostSubject: How This Forum Works   Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:08 pm

This is a box set up publicly in the Hammersmith for students to put letters they've written to students, staff members, or otherwise who are missing or unfortunately confirmed to be deceased. The letters will remain unopened until opened by the person they're addressed to if they were to return. Please keep in mind that the content of these letters is not IC knowledge for anyone other than the writer and addressee, however they are public for anyone OOC to read.  

Players may have the opportunity to earn XP with their letters depending on the size and content, though it is not promised.

Please post each individual letter in a new thread. The thread title should include the name of the person the letter is written to and the date it was written.

***Credit for the idea and the rules of this forum go to SavannahHolland. We appreciate her input and her idea! Thanks Sav!***
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How This Forum Works
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